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Starring: Dutch Dame, Bob(RopeMarks) and a host of famous names from the Dutch fetish scene, Release date: Q1 2012, Region: 0 (no region coding, playable worldwide), Video: PAL / 2.35:1 (CinemaScope version), Running Time: ca. 8 min., Production Company: Quax Media.

The multi-award winning short, first released on February 2012 then quickly became a Long sought after short; now finally available online after touring the worlds (fetish) film festivals; JumpCut.

Jumpcut is a film by Saskia Quax that lets you playfully get acquinted with the sexual fantasies of a young woman without becoming explicit. Sexuality is very personal and each and everyone experiences this in its own way, no matter who is in control.

If you've seen it on a festival, you can now own it. Haven't seen it yet, get it now, you won't be disappointed