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Art Series 1

Art Series 1

29.95 EUR

Starring: Chantal (RopeMarks), Miss Mirjana & Bob (RopeMarks),
Extra's: Menu, Credits, Trailers,
Release date: Q2 2009,
Region: 0 (no region coding, playable worldwide),
Video: PAL / 16:9,
Running Time: ca. 100 min.,
Production Company: RopeMarks Studio,
Industry reviews: by Master "K", Matthias Grimme

As the name implies this is the first DVD of a series. Each DVD will contain a collection of Japanese bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku) scenes and each scene shows you in close-up detail the complete build up from the unbound beautiful and willing model to a tightly bound bundle of arousing female.

The Art Series 1 DVD contains four sessions. Two sessions with the Dutch bondage diva, Chantal, herself. Two sessions with guest model Miss Mirjana. Chantal has to go through a Taware shibari variation and a Utsubuse zuri. Miss Mirjana is displayed in a tribute bondage to the late great nawashi Akechi Denki and put through an exercise in Kuzushi nawa.

The RopeMarks Art Series 1 DVD is available now.

The RopeMarks Art Series 1 DVD is a RopeMarks production that will have great appeal to the lover of the true beauty of bondage.


Click here for the Teaser Trailer on YouTube.


The Art Series 1 trailer:


Review by Master "K"

Like a bolt from the blue (or perhaps that should be a bolt from Amsterdam), I received in the mail today the new DVD from RopeMarks. It's titled "Art Series 1" and is the first of what I hope will be a long line of programs from them featuring a European take on the classic Japanese art of kinbaku (Japanese bondage). It's a most impressive production.

On a tasteful white on white set the team presents 4 classic kinbaku stylings: an ornate decorative tie, a version of the famous Akechi Denki gote (upper body) shibari, a full suspension and a tie utilizing that classic Japanese accessory, bamboo. The ties are well chosen, diverse and interesting and put together these 4 positions give a fine impression of the range of shibari art.

Taking a page from the DVDs of the well known Japanese bakushi Miura-san, the production uses his elegant format of a short musical opening (a nice piece featuring taiko drums) as Bob begins to tie, then the hush of the session as Bob completes the tie, then the music to close. However, RopeMarks goes Miura-san one better by having more close-ups and by showing the tying techniques more clearly. Bob's hand movements are smooth, sure and expert throughout; an impressive display that the novice can truly learn from.

Bob's partners in this exciting endeavor are the beautiful bondage diva, Chantal and the exotic European fetish model Mirjana. Both are lovely and both do a wonderful job responding to Bob and the ties. It's clear they both enjoy kinbaku, it's beauty as well as its challenges. In a brilliant and sexy bit of drama the models are gagged and blindfolded after the ties are completed and then allowed to struggle and enjoy the ties a bit before each scene slowly fades out. Very sexy, indeed!

There's a word in Japanese that conveys the qualities of this production. It's shibui, a term that means a kind of rough, masculine, elegance. With this DVD the RopeMarks team firmly establishes themselves as among the best kinbaku artists in Europe and beyond.

Master "K"

Review by Matthias Grimme

Der Film enthält 4 akribisch aufgezeichnete Bondage-Sessions mit Detailaufnahmen der einzelnen Fesselschritte ausgeführt von Hollands erfahrenstem Fessler Bob (Ropemarks)

Frisch von der Boundcon, der deutschen Bondage- und SM-Messe, habe ich nicht nur diverse spannende Erfahrungen mitgebracht, sondern auch die zweite DVD der holländischen Bondage Leute von Ropemarks. Im Gegensatz zur leider nicht frei verkäuflichen ersten DVD (die man trotzdem bei uns direkt im Shop bekommt), ist das neue Projekt "Art Series" so konzipiert, dass es jugendfrei ist.

Auf der DVD "Art Series 1" fesselt Bob nicht nur seine Partnerin Chantal, sondern auch das Gastmodell Mirjana. Der Film enthält 4 akribisch aufgezeichnete Bondage-Sessions mit Detailaufnahmen der einzelnen Fesselschritte, dennoch ist die DVD nicht als Lehr-DVD konzipiert, sondern als ambitionierte Darstellung erotischer Fesselungen. Ein Kunstgriff des Produzenten erlaubt dem Betrachter ein tieferes Abtauschen in die Welt des Kinbaku und Shibari. Zu Beginn und gegen Ende jedes Kapitels läuft der Film in schwarzweiß und mit der Weiterentwicklung der Fesselung nimmt auch die Farbigkeit zu.

Romantisch, erotisch, aufregend und wunderschön.

Matthias Grimme